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Pricing for Terrain Mapping & 3D Modeling

The minimum price for a drone aerial mapping project is THB 29.990.

This includes
✤     flight preparation
✤     1 day of flying on site to collect images of up to 100 acres
✤     post-processing of the images into a stitched mosaic
✤     provision of an ortho-rectified aerial image in the chosen format


Additional field days for a project are charged at a minimum THB 6.990 per half day.

The final quotation and size of area we can map in one day of flying is affected by a variety of circumstances including:

✤     travel time
✤     number of flight control stations that we need to set up to keep the drone

       within „line-of-sight“
✤     additional time to process large or complex images
✤     operation a drone outside of aviation regulations -

       gaining authorization from CAAT cannot be guaranteed
✤     higher level of accuracy: the aerial images are ortho-rectified and geo-referenced               using a standard gps by adding more Ground Control Points and increase the                    acccuracy up to 1 cm/pixel.
✤     coordinating multiple landowners and multiple project sites
✤    accommodation & other disbursements for projects involving more than one field day
✤     in hight risk areas like over water, geothermal areas, there may be additional costs
✤     interactive 3D terrain & building models.


We are happy to discuss other potential applications for aerial drones.
We can confirm the practicalities of any project and provide a price where it is a feasible operation.
Please contact us to arrange a free quote for you terrain mapping and / or 3D modeling project.

You will find us here:

Virtually There Home Design & Construction Co. LTD.
161 M6 Nayard, Sam Phrao
Udon Thani, 41000 - Thailand


Our Devisions:

VHD Flying Camera

Isaan Property


Samorn Phosri

thai / english

+66 831 417106


Eduard Horvath

deutsch / english

+66 942 633411


Send us a sms - we will call you back or send us an e-mail:


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