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VHD Flying Camera

is the first Professional UAV (Drone) Operating Company LTD.  in Udon Thani
- licensed for Commercial Drone Service by the Civil Aviation Authority Thailand CAAT,  
- insured as UAV Operator with 3. Party Liability of THB 1.5 Mio.
- operated by US certified UAV Pilots


VHD Flying Camera is Udon Thani’s legal Commercial Source for Professional Aerial Photography & Aerial Videography.


Providing Cutting-Edge Aerial Solutions

From hotels, golf clubs, country resorts, nature reserves, real estate, residential projects and private properties our aerial systems are the ideal tool for capturing the story of your location.  

Based in Isaan Northeast, we are always ready to travel to awesome places.
We currently serve areas primarily within and around the Udon Thani Province, however we do love to travel and meet new people — so if you have something fun for us, we’ll be in the car or on the next plane. Ask a question, tell us about your project, get a quote or just say hello at:


VHD Flying Camera utilizes the latest small drone technology including GPS and gyro-stabilized flight control systems to deploy sensors capturing high quality images used in asset management.  We are assisting customers interested in precision agriculture, rural video/aerial photography, construction progress, real estate, industrial inspections and property sales.

Instant Gratification:
The clients are able to watch the real time video feed as it is captured from the onboard camera.

Unmatched Quality:
Due to the latest image stabilization software and camera technology, Aerial Drone/UAV provides you excellent 12 MP aerial photography and Full HD video footage.

It is Green:
Our radio controlled UAV systems are more environmentally friendly and quieter than traditional aircraft.


We conduct safe drone operations:
Personal safety & protection of property is our first priority. Pre-flight planning, inspections and two party checklists are part of every  unmanned aerial photography flight.  While flying the aircraft, a member of the ground crew always has visual contact with the equipment. A thorough inspection of all equipment is conducted following each flight.
We operate below 400 feet (above ground level) and notify the tower if we operate within 3.5 miles of an airport.
We respect privacy:
VHD Flying Camera will not conduct drone operations for one party to gather information about another party.  We carefully plan each flight in advance to focus aerial photos or video on the subject of interest in order to maintain the privacy of others.  All of our flights are conducted over property where we have the land owners permission.

Flying Above Audience:
Safety is our top priority. We never fly over any audience who are not briefed for emergency procedures prior to the shoot. Unless it is under a controlled environment with enforced safety measures, such as a film set, we do not fly over anyone unnecessarily.


Connect with us:
We are passionate about aerial photography, video and remote sensing of your environment.  At VHD Flying Camera we approach each project through the eyes of investors and asset managers.  It is our goal to provide data driven management tools to maximize the value of your targeted assets.  We look forward to discussing how we may help you deploy drone technology to  meet your imaging, aerial photography and video needs.


Simply put, VHD Flying Camera is a small and extremely dedicated team and we look forward to tackling the years ahead with the professionalism that the industry deserves. VHD Flying Camera is not about drones, or video, or marketing…. we’re about building relationships with our customers to create something unique, beautiful and exciting that will gain the attention of the community.

One of our favorite quotes is “Be so good you can’t be ignored”. With that in mind we strive for excellence each and every day.


Here our special PROMOTION:  A FREE TRIAL*

- available in Udon Thani Area only

If you are interested to see the stunning aerial view of your property we offer you a free preview:

You will be able to watch the real time video feed as it is captured from the onboard camera.

Just give us a call or send us an e-mail to book a preview...


* Terms & Conditions apply




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You will find us here:

Virtually There Home Design & Construction Co. LTD.
161 M6 Nayard, Sam Phrao
Udon Thani, 41000 - Thailand


Our Devisions:

VHD Flying Camera

Isaan Property


Samorn Phosri

thai / english

+66 831 417106


Eduard Horvath

deutsch / english

+66 942 633411


Send us a sms - we will call you back or send us an e-mail:


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